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Light Up Fidget Spinner Bracelets

I recently bought a set of Fidget Spinner Bracelets for an event my nonprofit held. This set is perfect for Valentine's Day gifts or any child-friendly event where you need party favors. The set includes 24pcs LED light up fidget spinning bracelets and 24pcs Valentine cards. The bracelets feature flashing LED lights, creating a lively atmosphere and providing endless fun for kids. They are designed to be worn like a watch and the spinner adds an element of playfulness to the accessory. The light-up part of the bracelets is super cool and sure to be a hit with kids. The spinning arms and bright LEDs are a delightful combination that makes for a fun experience. The best part is that these light up fidget spinner bracelets are pretty affordable. These seem to be durable for their quailty and work as intended. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add some excitement to their Valentine's Day celebration or event!

Perfect for Vday!

I customized valentines for our kiddo to give these away for vday and they were perfect!

Kids loved these!

I bought for my Daughters 3rd grade class. All 24 pieces worked properly. I liked because it’s neutral you can gift to a boy or girl.

Bright Lights

These are great birthday favors for kids. They light up and spin while on your wrist. Kids really love it. So much fun.

Birthday party goodie bags

Great quality, great price. Kids loved them

Kid favorite

My son in kindergarten used these in his favor bags. They were a favorite. They light up and spin. They also fit really good too.

Soooo cute!!!

Got these for my son’s prek class for Valentine’s Day! I wasnt sure if the heart pack came with 12 glasses and 12 cards making 24 items total or if It actually came with 24 glasses plus the cards.. and It does come with 24 glasses!! I only needed 10 so now I’ll save the rest. Comes with a little bag to put It in also. They are really really cute

These r so adorable

I got these for an adult party and knew they may be a bit small. I have a small wrist and the watch was tight on me but we ended up fastening two watches together for the guys and the just put them on their forearm lol. The watches light up great and spin wonderfully. If the jewels on the spinner lit up these things would be too perfect. But they’re still great.

Fun product

I bought these bracelets to place in my party favor boxes, and my daughter was over the moon. She loved them and I am sure her friends had a blast with them. I gave one to my three year old and unfortunately she broke the spinning part of the toy, this is not to say the bracelets are not durable, my child is just an exception, she will break anything. My older daughter loves it and it is a really cool toy to give out as party favors. I would recommend.

My children on my bus loved them.

I'm a school bus driver and I gave these out to my children for Halloween treats. My children loved them, however, the batteries do not last very long.


This was something I added to birthday goodie bags and all kids LOVED it .

Super cute heart sunglasses!

These are so cute and good quality! These will be great for my 7 year old daughter’s Valentines Party at school. She will have the coolest Valentines to hand out! I love that they come with cards to put the glasses on and a place to write to and from. Then they each have a little bag to put them in. They are really cute! My daughter loves them!

Lots of entertainment for the kids.

We got these for a Christmas party. The kids loved them. We even turned the lights off so that they could show us all (100 people).

Great toys for kids party gifts

We gave these fidget spinners out at my daughters birthday party at a bowling alley. With a group of 6 and 7 year olds, these bracelets were a major hit! Everyone loved them! In dark areas they light up surprisingly bright.

These are actually made to be valentines cards/gifts for kids and the cards are nice with neat sayings. We all know that the kids will care far more about the light up fidget spinner bracelet and those are awesome.

Compared to other valentines day gifts, these are a little more expensive, but the gifts are nicer and will likely be used more than most others. Considering you get 24 of these, you're only paying a little over $1 per bracelet which is quite reasonable.

It's a great buy in my opinion - Highly recommended!


Good products. Kids love it

Cute, nice variety

These little ducks are cute. They come in a variety of patriotic characters, which is nice and unlike the sets that have maybe four of just a handful of different designs. The paintwork is pretty good, without significant smearing or blotches. We were happy to use these as little props for a children’s patriotic music class and then allow the children to keep them. They were well received and a good value for the money.

Cute fidgets

These are so cute and go perfect with our football birthday party. Putting them in goodie bags for the kids, their going to love them


Awesome GREAT PRICE loved them, Had fun ducking JEEPS!!!

Perfect Valentine’s Surprise for Kids!

I recently purchased these LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Bracelets for my 7-year-old daughter as a Valentine’s Day school gift, and I must say they were a hit! The price is reasonable, and they are incredibly fun. My daughter was thrilled, and they make for unique and enjoyable classroom valentines exchange gifts. The set of 24 is perfect for sharing the joy with classmates. Highly recommended for a delightful Valentine’s Day celebration!

It was a hit!

The kiddos all loved the watches . Colors , the lights on them , and the them spinning . Let me tell you . We had other patents saying . They were getting them for their parties . Even some of the grown ups wore them . One of Best things I ordered for my great granddaughters birthday party . Acutely it was the best one . The kiddos enjoyed it more than the jumper we rented . I kept two for me . 😬. Highly recommend for parties .

Glow birthday party

These were the biggest hit at the party, it has different modes and it's bright 😎. The kids at the party really enjoyed these. The band is adjustable so it fit every kid of every size !

They're Fun

My Kids Loved them but they only lasted a day the flashe died quickly but they had fun with them.

Kids loved them

Fun and easy to wear